If there’s one thing that allows people to gather at a table, it is food.

However, it is the gastronomic satisfaction that makes us linger for a conversation. We derive joy from each bite of carefully prepared goodness, which fills the hunger of our tummies and touches the bottom of our hearts.

We are Local Ladle, and this is our utopia.

We started as a small cooking club in our neighborhood. Our five-member group met up every Thursday night to discuss a dish or two on our featured recipe guides. Each week went well, and noticeable changes happened to our families’ eating habits.

My friends then started sharing more than a recipe. Our discussions also included how their family relationships become more intimate, week after week.

Little did I know that it was the start of a bigger mission in our lives – to provide meal preparation service to households and businesses alike.

Local Ladle now takes the stress away from the kitchen. We help prepare meals and customize planning according to our customers’ needs and tastes. We charge reasonable prices to our food-preparation packages.

Our Thursday cook group is now a local contact for meal planning emergencies and gourmet deliveries. Known as Local Ladle, we are indeed blessed to change people’s lives, one weekly meal plan at a time.

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