5 Great Tips for Saving Money on Your Supermarket Bill


The wellness trend is becoming more popular nowadays. People tend to eat more nutritious food than they ever did before. However, maintaining a balanced diet may look more expensive upfront than its unhealthy counterpart.

The great news is, your grocery list doesn’t have to cost a lot. Even when prices are high, we can still go for healthier options without excessively hurting our pockets.

Let me list down five tested-and-proven ways to lower down your grocery bill at any supermarket. You can try them, too. These tips work!


1. Make a plan and carry it out.

Before you hit the supermarket, make sure you’ve checked your inventory, both in the pantry and in the fridge. Consider cooking recipes that use what you currently have. Search for recipes that reuse leftover meats. Check your pantry to eliminate unnecessary purchase and to highlight which items you should prioritize buying.

If you tend to have leftovers every meal or so, consider reducing the serving size. After all, a healthy diet means you get nutritional food in the right proportions, not supersized ones.

2. Opt for seasonal items.

Fruits and vegetables tend to be cheaper when they’re in season. Ditch your high-calorie dessert for a seasonal fruit, and see the difference in budget and nutrients. Also, make an effort to maximize these seasonal items on your meal recipes. They won’t be available the whole year at these prices.


3. Coupons.

Using coupons when you shop doesn’t make you a cheapskate. You didn’t ask for the bargain; you just maximize them.

If coupons are available for staple items, consider buying some. Acknowledge savings each time but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to end up panic buying or hoarding stuff.

4. Avoid the pre-packaged.

If you want to save up on your groceries, buy less of the pre-packaged items unless you have no other choice. If they cut the fruits and vegetables for you, supermarkets tend to charge extra. Learn the art of slicing your own food.

5. The Bulk.

Preparing your meals on a weekly basis saves you multiple resources at once. You save on gas because you don’t have to go back and forth buying ingredients. You save time because you only prepare and cook meals once a week. You save money because bulk items tend to cost less.


Well, that ends my list of tips on how to save up on your groceries. Apply them the next time you shop.

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