Exploring The Dangers Of Pesticides And Insecticides


The only way to eradicate household pests is with pesticides and insecticides. You will find hundreds of these products in retail stores, garden centers, and online. However, many of these products contain toxic ingredients that can damage the environment. There are also risks for humans and pets, especially when utilized inside of residential establishments. If you are battling a pest infestation and are unfamiliar with pesticides you should contain a professional pest exterminator.


Autoimmune Diseases


Insecticides contain chemicals that have been linked to autoimmune diseases such as lupus and arthritis. According to scientific research women are at a higher risk of getting these diseases than men, but both genders need to use caution, when working around these products. If you are storing insecticides inside of your home, you definitely need to take precautions in how they are stored and utilized. Keep these products out of the reach of children, because the embedded ingredients have deadly effects on children’s nervous systems.




Other scientific studies show that heptachlor epoxide, a pesticide, is linked to certain forms of cancer. Although, the pesticide was banned in the late 80s, many manufacturers use it in their ant pesticides. It has also been linked to kidney and liver diseases and infertility. If you have any questions about these products, you may want to contact your local pest control company. Many of these companies can offer a safer pest infestation treatment option, with environmental friendly pesticides.


Traps are much safer than sprays, but they are not as effective. Many traps use a nontoxic glue to capture the pest, but you must keep these out of the reach of children.

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